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Top 5 ways to save money when renovating your property  

Home maintenance jobs seem to pop up all the time, from trimming the bushes and repaving the patio through to putting a fresh lick of paint on the hallway walls there’s always something that needs to be done if you want to keep your property looking good and functioning well.

While there are many different aspects of your home you can revamp, there are some things which you can do to give the whole place a new lease of life. Here are a list of the top five:


Fresh paint can give a home a new lease of life and can make something old and tatty look brand new again. For instance, consider painting or repainting your garden shed from recommended suppliers like Rawlins Paints, not only will this make it look better but it will lift the whole garden.

In with the new, out with the old

Replacing your old furniture and appliances is another simple yet effective way to make your property look better. This can include the furniture that you have in your conservatory or outside on a decking area and it is possible to do this on a budget by buying reclaimed furniture. It’s important to work within your budget, so don’t shy away from a bargain as flatpacked items are widely available and can be an attractive way to decorate.

Change your flooring

There are lots of ways that you can change your flooring such as: retiling, laying new grouting, putting in new wooden floors, replacing old carpets and buying new rugs. The floors and walls are two of the most noticeable things in any room and changing old flooring, whether it’s laying a new patio outside or a carpet inside can make a dramatic difference.

Improve your exterior drainage

You can massively improve the way your home looks from the outside by replacing old guttering and if you don’t want to get up on a ladder and do this yourself, you can hire a handyman to help you. You can also dig trenches to improve the drainage in your garden, which can help to reduce problems with flooding during the winter.

Fit a new bathroom or kitchen

Another major change is to fit a new bathroom or kitchen, as both of these rooms are prone to getting worn out. These changes should be looked at as an investment, as they will add value to your property by improving it’s appeal to those in the housing market. 

Redecorating your home is a great way to ensure your house stays in tip top condition and this can potentially increase its value as well as make it a more appealing place to live in.